Monday, April 23, 2012


Sunday, April 1, 2012


所以不知不觉我要毕业了  毕业之前来更新一下这要死的地方  不过反正是每人看
现在是剩下最后一科subject after effect  然后就忙忙下exhibition  然后就毕业! 好神奇!
我才二十一岁还没正真享受完读书的日子  就即将要在社会打转
我会想念这里的一切  包括我舒服的宿舍 读书的日子 还有一群群死党和老师 我快哭了 我不想那么快毕业啦!

毕业后我应该是玩个两三个月  啊不  是休息两三个月 然后才正式出去找工
希望有公司要我 有公司要我 有公司要我
期间会去巴厘岛晒晒太阳这样  或者我突然间发达然后就出国游荡再回来

还有是,记得来我的毕业展  我班的毕业展
日期是:14到26 四月 二零一二年
时间是:一到五上班时间  六好像是半天  就很正常的上班时间

然后还有是  记得得空去我的deviantart走走
又或者是有谁要画什么都可以找我   因为我毕业了没事做将子

忘了说我完成我的两个2012使命  就是买个iphone 4s和纹身   不过就每次看到那个很帅的junior还是不敢讲话

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year

Hai 2012! Its a brand new year that I would like to spend it wisely. I believe this year will be better than last year! I can feel it! Here comes my little new year resolutions---

-First, I would like to change iphone 4s like everyone did! But only if my sister buy it, then i will change mine too. (before cny D:)
-I'm gonna graduate soon and I hope my lousy painting skill can find me a job! With medium paid I know where is my level :(
-Find a guy who truly love me and I love him (rich is better so that I can buy CÉLINE bag and louboutin pumps!) Okei crazy.
-Go for trip! Bali is confirmed but then I want more, Im greedy! I want to go to Italy! or Melbourne Sydney also okaylah
-So to fulfill the tripS, I need to save money start from now!
-Spend more time with family, because world gonna end soon :O *choi gor lei dai gat lai xi*
-Become more pretty and stylish! (:D))
-Maintain the friendship with all of my colleges friends! We are going to graduate in 4 months.......... wtf
-Have my own art style and brand in future. My dream is held a solo exhibition! Maybe I can do it in next 10 years time.
-Win lottery so that i can afford to buy house, cars, clothes, bags, shoes, trips! Because for what i think, I can't really afford all of this with my very little salary (I THINK!) So the solution is kena jackpot. HAHAHAHA!
-Talk to the liang zai junior before Im graduate! wtf is this

Lastly, cheers for the 2012! Love you all!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey christmas

 Had an wonderful celebration with family during Christmas eve and Christmas! Nothing really special actually, but i felt so happy with family :) Had turkey dinner at Crocodile Rock and saw a marriage propose on eve! Its amazing when seeing this LIVE! Had a movie date with family on Christmas, not to mention that was my dad's first time to East Coast Mall cinema, I'm so happy with that! We watched his favorite movie Flying Swords of Dragon Gate casted by favorite actor Jet Li. A very nice China history movie! I love Chen Kun :3

Awww, baby having her first neve at Italy now! Have fun and we present you our carina photos! Hahaha ciao

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Take good care okei? :3 mwuahh

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a image using in my website contact page. Two more days, cheers :))

Monday, December 5, 2011


Just wanna blog bout my recent life :))

Receive a project swissify's parcel on last thursday morning. I was super excited cz this was my 1st time online buying clothes. And after a sleepless night because of rushing storyboard, my energy boost to the max after receive this lovely parcel in the morning. The dress was beautiful with very unique print :))

 Very cute christmas theme cupcakes gift by Sheng Yang, for my birthday and christmas present :O Super cute until I not willing to eat them = kill them :(( Btw, they are from Wondermilk, taste good :3

Have my movie date with Chee Han on saturday night after a half day spend in Starbucks doing website. I love both of them, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! <3 Kristen Stewart was super gorgeous on her wedding dress~~ I want a wedding like this in the future!! :))

Last, my final week is finally coming! Website, portfolio, manga, storyboard~ Lets fight!! I will be going back to Kuantan on 9th of dec, please date me if you at Kuantan too :O byebye :3


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